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Scheduled Power Outage, Biggin – 01/12/2017

Northern Powergrid are undertaking vegetation management, and need to turn off the power to Little Common Farm between 9AM and 3PM on Friday 1st December 2017. Following our visit yesterday, we will run on battery power and service will continue until our batteries are depleted. If our batteries do expire, full service will resume once power is restored.

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Network Maintenance, Biggin – 30/11/2017

We have been notified of a planned power outage that will affect Little Common Farm on Friday 1st December from 9AM till 3PM. In anticipation of this outage, we will be visiting Little Common Farm today to install a battery pack. There will be some interruptions to service as we install the battery and required hardware, but this should ensure service remains online for most if not all of the power outage on Friday.

We should be onsite by 5PM today, and should be finished within a couple of hours.

This work was completed successfully.

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NyNet Maintenance, Nun & Moor Monkton – 14/11/2017

NyNet are performing some essential maintenance and upgrade works in their Birstall Data Centre on Tuesday 14th November. This work will begin at 21:00 and there will be 30 minutes of downtime sometime between 21:00 and 22:30. At all other times during this window the connection should be considered at risk.

This work will affect our service in Nun & Moor Monkton only.

NyNet advise that this work has over run, and is still ongoing. Service should still be considered at risk, with further outages possible.

This work has now been completed.

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Email Server Relocation – 28/10/2017

Following installation of a new fibre service, on Saturday the 28th October we will be physically moving our email server to connect it to this new fibre and improve its connectivity to the internet. The work will be at 11PM, with the server being shut down and moved over night to minimise impact on users email service. Once the server has been physically moved, we will update its internet address to its now location – this change can take up to 24 hours to propagate around the internet but most will find the service available as normal by Sunday morning.

We do not envisage any issues, but will keep this page updated if anything untoward crops up during the move.

This work has been completed, if you can’t access your email please wait 30 minutes and try again to allow address changes time to propagate the internet. If problems persist, please reboot your computer and try again.

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Network Maintenance, VOM – 25/10/2017

On Wednesday 25th October we will be carrying out network maintenance at Lovesome water tower, fitting additional network equipment to increase capacity for future works. During this time, there will be some brief interruptions to service as the new equipment is fitted and cables re-routed. Interruptions should not last more than a couple of minutes at a time, and we will do our best to keep them to a minimum.

We will be on site from 11AM, and hope to have all works finished by 5PM. This will affect service to customers served via the water tower, and also briefly those served by Merrybent as we need to reconfigure some equipment to accommodate these changes.

This work has been completed.

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Network Maintenance, Biggin – 16/09/2017

In preparation for our new fibre going live, we have some network changes to make in the village to improve traffic flow as we re-route things to our new gateway. We will be working in the village on Saturday the 16th September from 9AM onwards. Some of the work involved is quite major, so there will be some downtime while this takes place. The majority of the service affecting work will take place in the afternoon, and we aim to be finished by 6PM.

If all goes well, we may be in a position to activate our new fibre the same day, but if not it will be very soon the following week – watch this space!

Our thanks as ever to those that host the community network equipment for us, and for allowing us to visit on a Saturday.

Nick & Dean


The major network upgrades have been completed, with just some configuration work left to do – there will be a further maintenance day scheduled soon. Due to a missing part, we sadly weren’t able to make the fibre live on Saturday, but will do ASAP!

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Network Maintenance, VOM – 13/09/2017

From 11AM on Wednesday 13th September we will be carrying out some firmware upgrades on a number of radios to improve performance. During this time there will be some brief interruptions to service lasting no more than 5 to 10 minutes at a time. All works should be finished by 12:30PM.

The first round of upgrades will not be service affecting, as traffic will be re-routed via alternate routes although you may notice a short blip as this takes place.

The second round of upgrades will be service affecting to those in the following locations:

  • Gallowfields
  • Great Langton
  • Broken Brae

This work has been completed.

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Power Outage, Selby – 25/08/2017

We have been notified by EDF that power to our servers based in Selby will be interrupted to fit a new electrical meter during a 30 minute slot sometime between 8AM and 1PM on Friday the 25th August.

During this 30 minute slot the following services will be unavailable:

  • All email services provided by
  • SMS service
  • Support ticket system (available via web, not via email)

This status website ( will remain available throughout, and internet access will not be affected by this work. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused, we will endeavour to restore full service ASAP once power is switched back on.


This work was completed successfully, although the outage was slightly longer than anticipated as further remedial work had to be carried out after an electrical fault was discovered. If you still have the “Service Unavailable Message” displayed, please reboot your computer and try again.

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Network Maintenance, Biggin – 19/07/2017

Following on from our issues with the internet supply in Biggin, we will be installing a more powerful gateway router at Cawood to cope with the increased traffic flow now we have switched back to using it as our internet supply. While this work takes place, we will temporarily switch back to our old connection to maintain some level of connectivity for the duration of the works.

The upgrade should take approx 1-2 hours, and we aim to begin around 2PM when network load tends to be lower. If time permits, we may also trial a new bonding technique to improve the service our new gateway can deliver, but we may opt to do this another day depending on timings.

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Power Works, VOM – 07/06/2017

Northern Powergrid have turned off the power to parts of our network to connect a new customer to the mains supply, our service in those areas will recover once this work is complete.

The following areas are affected:

  • Borrowby
  • Cotcliffe Bank
  • Thirkelby

Power was restored by 4PM.

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