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NyNet Outage, Nun & Moor Monkton – 01/11/2017

NyNet have suffered a service outage on their broadband network which is affecting Nun Monkton School where our service is supplied from. They are currently chasing their suppliers for an urgent update, at the moment the fault is unknown. We will be calling them again in 30 minutes for a further update.

Update @ 11AM

Full service has now been restored, NyNet are awaiting a failure report from their suppliers to determine the root cause but service should now be operating as normal.

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Service Issue, VOM – 24/10/2017

A local power issue at one of our repeaters in Appleton Wiske is affecting service in parts of:

  • Appleton Wiske
  • Picton

We are working with the site owner to restore power ASAP.

Following a visit from a Northern Powergrid engineer power has been restored, and full service has resumed.

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Service Issue, VOM – 28/09/2017

A power outage is affecting our service to a small number of customers on the Vale of Mowbray network. Following last nights heavy rain, suspected water ingress has cause power to fail at one of our host sites. Despite attempts to reset, it hasn’t been possible to restore power and so an electrician has been called to investigate further.

This will affect customers connected to:

  • Park House
  • Carlton Green

We will update this message with further details once the electrician has investigated.

Service has been restored following work by the electrician.

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Service Issue, Thornton le Moor – 19/09/2017

A localised power issue is affecting our repeater in Thornton le Moor, meaning those customers connected are without service. We will make contact with the host first thing in the morning to resolve, with a full set of spares loaded just in case.

UPDATE @ 9:30AM 20/09/2017

It hasn’t been possible to restore service remotely, so we have arranged access for 2PM this afternoon to investigate further.


The outage has been caused by cable damage, Nick & Rob are on route now to replace the damaged cable and repair the damage. They should be on site by 4:30PM.


Full service has now been restored, all cabling has been replaced.

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Degraded Service – Nun & Moor Monkton – 03/09/2017

Due to a power outage at one of our repeaters, we have had to re-route traffic to maintain service to some areas. This means in the areas affected speeds will be reduced, but service should be operational. Power failed at approx 3PM, we have run on battery since but as of 9PM we have taken the affected repeater out of service as our batteries will soon be depleted.

This will be affecting speeds to those connected to the following repeaters (mostly Moor Monkton):

  • Golden Ray
  • Oaklands Mill
  • Thickpenny
  • Red House

We hope to have an update on the power issue in the morning, and full service will be resumed once power is restored.

Power has now been restored, and normal service resumed.

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Power Cut, VOM – 20/08/2017

A large power cut is affecting various DL7 and DL10 postcodes, and a number of our smaller repeaters are offline. Northern Powergrid hope to have power restored by 4:30PM today, at which point our service will resume in those areas affected.

Service is currently affected in the following areas, and those customers who connect via these repeaters:

  • Great Langton
  • High Brockholme
  • Streetlam


Northern Power Grid continue to work towards restoring power, they have updated their previous restore time estimate to 9PM.


Full service has now been resumed, NPG have managed to restore power to all sites.

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Service Issue, Thornton le Moor – 04/07/2017

A device at our repeater in Thornton le Moor has failed, causing our service to go offline in the area. We will make contact with our host ASAP in the morning, arrangements will be made to attend once the cause of the failure has been understood.

Please accept our apologies for this service outage.

UPDATE @ 10:30AM 05/07/2017

We have managed to restore service, but we continue to investigate the outage last night. We have arranged access for after 4PM today, and may well carry out repairs once we have reviewed the situation. Service should be considered online but at risk in the mean time.

UPDATE @ 09:00PM 05/07/2017

Full service has now been restored following a rebuild of our node at Pear Tree.

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Service Issue, Picton & Newlands – 01/07/2017

Our service is currently offline in Picton and Newlands due to a power outage at our host site. We are working to establish the cause, and will update this message with further information.


This outage was caused by an exploding toaster! Full service has now been restored (although sadly, no toast…)

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Service Issue, Nun & Moor Monkton – 05/06/2017

Due to a power issue at one of our repeaters, a small number of users are without service on the Nun & Moor Monkton network, mostly affecting those users along the A59. We are working to determine the cause of the power outage, and will attend site if required.

This has now been resolved.

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Service Issue, Biggin – 30/05/2017

Our suppliers are having an issue with interference which they are working hard to fix, service in Biggin may be intermittent while they work to resolve this issue. We don’t currently have an ETA for this work to be completed, if the issue gets really bad we will manually fail over to our backup supply.

Our suppliers have resolved this issue.

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