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Scheduled Power Outage, Biggin – 01/12/2017

Northern Powergrid are undertaking vegetation management, and need to turn off the power to Little Common Farm between 9AM and 3PM on Friday 1st December 2017. Following our visit yesterday, we will run on battery power and service will continue until our batteries are depleted. If our batteries do expire, full service will resume once power is restored.

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Network Maintenance, Biggin – 30/11/2017

We have been notified of a planned power outage that will affect Little Common Farm on Friday 1st December from 9AM till 3PM. In anticipation of this outage, we will be visiting Little Common Farm today to install a battery pack. There will be some interruptions to service as we install the battery and required hardware, but this should ensure service remains online for most if not all of the power outage on Friday.

We should be onsite by 5PM today, and should be finished within a couple of hours.

This work was completed successfully.

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Network Maintenance, Biggin – 22/09/2017

On Friday 22nd September we will be making some further improvements to the Biggin network in anticipation of connecting to our new fibre. We’ll begin work at 11:30AM, with only one task that should be service affecting and will take 10 to 20 minutes to complete. The other work will focus on our new gateway and fibre connection, and this shouldn’t affect the current service.

We are still waiting for a delivery from abroad with the fibre connectors required to link up to the new service, we are so close!

This work has been completed.

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Network Maintenance, Biggin – 16/09/2017

In preparation for our new fibre going live, we have some network changes to make in the village to improve traffic flow as we re-route things to our new gateway. We will be working in the village on Saturday the 16th September from 9AM onwards. Some of the work involved is quite major, so there will be some downtime while this takes place. The majority of the service affecting work will take place in the afternoon, and we aim to be finished by 6PM.

If all goes well, we may be in a position to activate our new fibre the same day, but if not it will be very soon the following week – watch this space!

Our thanks as ever to those that host the community network equipment for us, and for allowing us to visit on a Saturday.

Nick & Dean


The major network upgrades have been completed, with just some configuration work left to do – there will be a further maintenance day scheduled soon. Due to a missing part, we sadly weren’t able to make the fibre live on Saturday, but will do ASAP!

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Biggin Service Update – 11/08/2017

Following the recent difficulties faced in Biggin over the past 6 weeks we have been working hard to stabilise the service and improve reliability. To summarise, we took the decision to disconnect our previous internet supply mid July as the service had deteriorated to the point it was mostly unusable and was impacting on peoples ability to work from home. Efforts to work with our previous supplier to resolve this issue failed, and we were left with no viable internet connection.

We quickly upgraded a number of key wireless links in the village, and re-routed the network so the internet supply is once again fed from Cawood as it was originally. An upgraded router was installed to cope with the demand, and 3x new BT phone lines have been installed (with a fourth soon to be added pending a follow up visit from Openreach to complete the installation). These lines are being fed through a load balancer to distribute the traffic and provide higher throughput – traffic levels in the village are once again at normal levels for download, but due to the change in technology back to ADSL upload speeds remain considerably less than before.

We are still working hard to further improve the service, over the coming weeks we will be trying out a different load balancing technology which will hopefully mean we can offer greater upload speeds as we did before. More importantly, we are working with Stockbridge Technology Centre to bring in a pure fibre feed that will meet the needs of both Biggin and the technology centre for years to come. A site survey is booked for the 16th August, and we hope to have further news once the surveyor has submitted their report.

We appreciate how frustrating this has been for the community, especially in recent weeks as our new phone lines have been in a “training” state where they try and determine the best speed they can operate at which results in some quite frequent disconnections. Normally we wouldn’t put new lines in to service until this process has completed, but we were left with no choice this time round. A great deal of time and money has been invested to try and restore the service, and we are very excited about the possibility of a true fibre connection which will future proof the network.

Best wishes,

Nick & Dean

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Network Maintenance, Biggin – 19/07/2017

Following on from our issues with the internet supply in Biggin, we will be installing a more powerful gateway router at Cawood to cope with the increased traffic flow now we have switched back to using it as our internet supply. While this work takes place, we will temporarily switch back to our old connection to maintain some level of connectivity for the duration of the works.

The upgrade should take approx 1-2 hours, and we aim to begin around 2PM when network load tends to be lower. If time permits, we may also trial a new bonding technique to improve the service our new gateway can deliver, but we may opt to do this another day depending on timings.

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Service Issues, Biggin – 10/06/2017

Over the last few weeks, we have had continual issues with our broadband supply in to Biggin which has been impacting on service speeds. We have been working with our suppliers to try and resolve this issue, but for the moment it’s still a problem. Our suppliers hope to resolve this issue on Monday as they have a site visit scheduled to carry out some repairs, but for the moment this fault is impacting on speeds and service may appear intermittent. We have also seen a rapid amount of tree growth with the recent weather, which is impacting on a couple of our wireless links around the village. We will look to work around this new tree growth, but this will take us a bit of time.

We appreciate these issues are frustrating, but please bear with us as we try and resolve them. It’s clear our current broadband supply in to Biggin is now becoming an issue, and we are actively pursuing alternatives although these will take time. We are meeting today to plan how we tackle this issue, and will publish further details in due course.

UPDATE – 13/06/2017

We continue to push our suppliers for a resolution to the speed issues we are seeing, they hope to visit site again on Wednesday to carry out further works and we will review the service again once this work has been completed. In the mean time, we have ordered an extra 2x ADSL connections to complement our existing connection for our gateway in Cawood which we plan on load sharing across all 3x ADSL lines to provide a more robust backup solution. We also plan on splitting the network in two to share the load between our gateways in Biggin and Cawood, but we need to upgrade some of our wireless links first which we hope to do this Friday. As a community network our resources are limited (both in terms of cash and manpower), but we are pushing hard to improve service ASAP.

UPDATE – 15/06/2017

Sadly our suppliers haven’t yet managed to resolve the issues, we continue to press them for a resolution and supply regular measurements and test results to help their troubleshooting. We don’t yet have an idea of when this may be resolved, but we are pressing on with works to enable our gateway in Cawood to take up some of the load when the extra ADSL lines are installed. We will be in the village on Friday to fit new wireless equipment to overcome the issues we have faced with tree growth so we are in a position to press the new lines straight in to service when they are installed by Openreach.

UPDATE – 27/06/2017

We have been applying maximum pressure to our suppliers to try and resolve this issue, we expect to hear from a company director today to discuss the way forward. Our new ADSL lines are due for installation this week, and we will work on getting them up and running ASAP once installation is complete. We have completed our works to overcome the tree growth, and all wireless links are now performing well.

UPDATE – 07/07/2017

Our suppliers continue to work on a long term solution, but access to their sites is proving to be an issue. As this is taking far longer then we would have hoped, we are pushing on with installing extra ADSL lines in Cawood with the next one due to be installed on the 11th July.

UPDATE – 12/07/2017

We have taken the decision to disconnect from our existing supplier and move over to our new load balancing ADSL gateway as our existing service has become unusable in the last 24 hours degrading worse then ever, and there isn’t currently a timescale from our suppliers for this to be resolved. This does mean that speeds will be reduced both download and upload, but we hope they will at least be consistent without the frequent disconnects we have been experiencing. Due to the limitations of ADSL, upload speeds will be most notably reduced.

A fourth line has been ordered for our load balancer, and we have ordered a migration to a type of ADSL known as Annex M which offers higher upload speeds. A new gateway router is also on order to cope with demand, as we have had to reverse the network traffic flow with our internet now coming from Cawood. We continue to work with our supplier, but at the moment we don’t see the issue being resolved in the coming weeks so are pushing on with our alternative setup.

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Service Issue, Biggin – 30/05/2017

Our suppliers are having an issue with interference which they are working hard to fix, service in Biggin may be intermittent while they work to resolve this issue. We don’t currently have an ETA for this work to be completed, if the issue gets really bad we will manually fail over to our backup supply.

Our suppliers have resolved this issue.

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Service Failover, Biggin – 27/05/2017

Following today’s thunder storm our main supply in to Biggin is currently offline, so we have failed over to our backup connection. The loss of service has been reported, and service will automatically fail back once our primary feed recovers (we suspect a power issue somewhere). While operating on our backup connection speeds in Biggin will be greatly reduced, we have taken steps to try and ensure a fair service to all while running on limited capacity.

We have failed back to our primary supply as of 6:25PM

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NyNet Maintenance – 12/04/2017

We have been informed by NyNet that they will be carrying out upgrade works in the early hours of Wednesday 12th April. The work is due to start at 4AM and should take no more than 15 minutes.

This will affect service in:

  • Nun & Moor Monkton
  • Biggin
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