Network Maintenance, Biggin – 16/09/2017

In preparation for our new fibre going live, we have some network changes to make in the village to improve traffic flow as we re-route things to our new gateway. We will be working in the village on Saturday the 16th September from 9AM onwards. Some of the work involved is quite major, so there will be some downtime while this takes place. The majority of the service affecting work will take place in the afternoon, and we aim to be finished by 6PM.

If all goes well, we may be in a position to activate our new fibre the same day, but if not it will be very soon the following week – watch this space!

Our thanks as ever to those that host the community network equipment for us, and for allowing us to visit on a Saturday.

Nick & Dean


The major network upgrades have been completed, with just some configuration work left to do – there will be a further maintenance day scheduled soon. Due to a missing part, we sadly weren’t able to make the fibre live on Saturday, but will do ASAP!

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