Biggin Service Update – 11/08/2017

Following the recent difficulties faced in Biggin over the past 6 weeks we have been working hard to stabilise the service and improve reliability. To summarise, we took the decision to disconnect our previous internet supply mid July as the service had deteriorated to the point it was mostly unusable and was impacting on peoples ability to work from home. Efforts to work with our previous supplier to resolve this issue failed, and we were left with no viable internet connection.

We quickly upgraded a number of key wireless links in the village, and re-routed the network so the internet supply is once again fed from Cawood as it was originally. An upgraded router was installed to cope with the demand, and 3x new BT phone lines have been installed (with a fourth soon to be added pending a follow up visit from Openreach to complete the installation). These lines are being fed through a load balancer to distribute the traffic and provide higher throughput – traffic levels in the village are once again at normal levels for download, but due to the change in technology back to ADSL upload speeds remain considerably less than before.

We are still working hard to further improve the service, over the coming weeks we will be trying out a different load balancing technology which will hopefully mean we can offer greater upload speeds as we did before. More importantly, we are working with Stockbridge Technology Centre to bring in a pure fibre feed that will meet the needs of both Biggin and the technology centre for years to come. A site survey is booked for the 16th August, and we hope to have further news once the surveyor has submitted their report.

We appreciate how frustrating this has been for the community, especially in recent weeks as our new phone lines have been in a “training” state where they try and determine the best speed they can operate at which results in some quite frequent disconnections. Normally we wouldn’t put new lines in to service until this process has completed, but we were left with no choice this time round. A great deal of time and money has been invested to try and restore the service, and we are very excited about the possibility of a true fibre connection which will future proof the network.

Best wishes,

Nick & Dean

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