Network Maintenance, Nun & Moor Monkton – 04/05/2017

On Thursday 4th May we will be carrying out some network maintenance to replace a radio at the school which we think may have developed a fault, so we wish to swap it out before it causes any issues while the school is accessible due to polling day. We expect to be working at the school from 1:30PM onwards, although timings may vary depending on how we get on with other scheduled works in the village. There will be an outage while the radio is replaced lasting approx 30-45mins, although we will aim to keep downtime to a minimum. There will also be some brief outages as we work on our gateway router to improve resilience.

We are also building a new repeater to serve Land End and Southview in Moor Monkton, there will be some interruptions to service in these areas while we build, test and deploy this new repeater.

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