Cable Fault, VOM – 03/02/2017

Following a cable fault we have re-routed some users to maintain service levels, and will be attending site tomorrow (Saturday 4th Feb 2017) to carry out repairs. For the moment customers should be unaffected by this issue, but while we work to repair the cable damage on Saturday users with Public IP addresses starting “185.56.40.x” will find they are temporarily switched to a NAT’d service to maintain their connectivity. Full service will be restored once the cable repair has been completed.

Due to this emergency repair, the works planned for Blackhill tomorrow have been postponed. We will still be carrying out the works at Whaston, before heading to our gateway to repair the damaged cable before returning to complete the planned works at Moulton.

The cable fault was caused by rats, we have replaced all affected cables and re-routed them to try and prevent further incidents.

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