Power Cuts, VOM – 11/01/2017

A number of power cuts are affecting our service on the Vale of Mowbray network, which started in the early hours of this morning.

Confirmed power cuts are affecting:

  • Thornton le Moor
  • Maunby

Unconfirmed power issues are affecting:

  • Park House

We expect power to be unreliable in surrounding areas as Northern Powergrid work to restore power to all properties. The current estimate for power to be fully restored is 12:45PM today, you can view more details on the Northern Powergrid website.

The list of affected areas will be updated throughout the day as circumstances change.


Power has been restored to Maunby.

Current estimate for Thornton le Moor is now 2PM.


Only Park House repeater remains offline, Nick is attending later today to investigate further.


Full service has now been restored, the issue at Park House was wind damage which has now been repaired.

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