Network Maintenance, VOM – 16/09/2016

On Friday the 16th September there will be two teams working on the Vale of Mowbray Network carrying out various upgrade & maintenance tasks.

From 10AM onwards, we will be upgrading the network equipment in Over Silton to improve performance and reliability. This will affect service to customers connected to the following nodes:

  • Greystones
  • Manor
  • Nether Silton
  • Over Silton
  • Thornton-le-Street

During this time, there will be some interruptions to service as we upgrade various wireless radios and install additional equipment. We hope to have the works completed by mid afternoon, although timing may vary depending on how work progresses.

From 10AM we will also be working on improving resilience at gateways, adding automated failover to key wireless links and additional redundant connections. As we apply such changes, there will be some brief interruptions to connectivity. If we encounter any difficulties there may be some unanticipated outages, but we will address any problems as they arise.

This work has been completed successfully.

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