Major Service Outage – 13/09/2016

We have seen a number of our sites go offline, initial investigations point to a wider issue on the internet but we are still investigating. Unfortunately this incident has also taken our support phone line off line.

This is affecting customers on:

  • Vale of Mowbray Network
  • Nun & Moor Monkton Network
  • Biggin Broadband Network

We will update here as soon as we know more.


We have seen all services return to normal, we are awaiting an update from our suppliers to the root cause of the outage.


NyNet continue to experience Denial-of-Service-Attacks (DoS) which makes their service run painfully slow. They are working hard to resolve this ASAP, where possible we have re-routed traffic.


We are also experiencing a loss of power to our node in Over Silton, we are trying to make contact with the node owner to investigate further.


We believe all service are now operating as normal, and we haven’t seen a re-occurrence of the DoS attack on NyNet. Power has also been restored in Over Silton, with an electrician attending to investigate the cause of the power cut on Wednesday.

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