Service Issue, VOM – 07/06/2016

A fault on our suppliers Virgin Media fibre means those customers fed via Lovesome and Merrybent are currently using a backup feed. We have re-routed traffic and most people should now be back online. Please be aware speeds will be reduced across the Vale of Mowbray Network while operating on our backup system, and public IP addresses are not currently accessible.

We await a fault report from our suppliers.


Our suppliers are onsite waiting for an engineer from Virgin Media to arrive. We continue to operate on our backup system.


The Virgin Media engineer has identified a physical fibre fault which they are now working to repair, we are due a further update at 7PM.


No further update has been provided by Virgin Media, we will update again at 9PM unless we hear something in the meantime.


No further update has been provided by Virgin Media, an update will be provided by 10AM Wednesday 8th June 2016.

UPDATE @ 10AM 08/07/2016

Following work by Virgin Media & BT Openreach to resplice the damaged fibre, full service has now been restored.

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