Network Capacity, VOM – 10/06/2016

Due to a failure of 2 of our 5 lines which supply one of our gateways on the Vale of Mowbray network, peak time speeds for some customers may be reduced. BT are attending on Tuesday 14th June to repair the failed lines, with a further 2 lines on order (due to be connected Friday 17th June) to add extra capacity. We have performed some load balancing to try and mitigate the line failures, but some reduction in top line speeds may be noticeable. As well as the additional lines, we also plan to install a new load balancing device on Friday 17th June to improve network throughput. This new load balancer will be closely monitored in its first weeks of operation, but please report any issues you experience following this work using our support centre.

UPDATE @ 7PM 14/06/2016

Sadly BT Openreach couldn’t rectify the fault, it seems to be an issue on an underground cable. The underground team have been called, and we hope they should attend Wednesday 15th to investigate further.

UPDATE @ 7PM 15/06/2016

BT Openreach attended again today and believe they have now rectified the line fault. We are now waiting for the broadband service to be reset, we await a further update from our supplier.

UPDATE 17/06/2016

The new load balancer has been successfully installed, and performance seems to be much improved. We are now operating on 4 of our 5 lines, with one still awaiting repair. Our additional 2 lines due to be installed today are awaiting a visit from the underground BT openreach team, a further update will be posted when we are back to a full compliment.

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