Power Cut, Nun & Moor Monkton – 30/03/2016

Our service is offline currently in parts of Nun & Moor Monkton due to a planned power outage. Northern Powergrid are performing work in the area, further details can be found on their website.

The school is currently operating on battery power, once the batteries are depleted our service will go offline until power is restored.

UPDATE @ 01:00PM

The batteries at the school failed at 12:45PM. For those customers that don’t connect via the school, we have failed over to our 3G backup service. Speeds will be reduced while operating on 3G.

UPDATE @ 14:30PM

Power to the school has been restored, so our service is back online. A few of the remote areas are still without power, we continue to monitor the situation.

UPDATE @ 16:15PM

Power seems to have been fully restored and service is now operating as normal.

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