Power Outage, VOM – 01/07/2015

A large power cut caused by this afternoons storm is currently affecting service in the following areas:

Appleton Wiske, Worsall, Welbury, Newlands, Picton, West Raunton

Northern Powergrid hope to restore mains power by 5:30PM.


Northern Powergrid have now revised their estimate for the works to be completed due to a large demand for engineers to 7:15PM.


Northern Powergrid have again revised their estimated fix time, unfortunately they can’t currently give an estimated time at the moment due to the large number of areas without power.


Northern Powergrid haven’t provided any further status updates as yet.

UPDATE @ 12AM 02/07/2015

Northern Powergrid have an engineer travelling to site, some areas are estimated to have power restored by 1AM. Those sites that connect via Appleton Wiske (such as Worsall) will be offline until power is restored to our main repeater in Appleton Wiske even if local power is restored first.

UPDATE @ 7AM 02/07/2015

Unfortunately power still hasn’t been restored to our main repeater in Appleton Wiske, although surrounding areas do now seem to have power. Normal service will resume for those customers affected once power is restored at our repeater site. Apologies to those customers affected, we appreciate your frustration and will continue to provide updates when further information becomes available.

UPDATE @ 8:30AM 02/07/2015

We have spoken with Northern Powergrid who advise further engineers are being dispatched to restore power ASAP to our site in Appleton Wiske. We should receive updates from them as work progresses, they are aiming for full restoration by midday but stress this is approximate timing only.

UPDATE @ 10AM 02/07/2015

Northern Powergrid have confirmed that a power phase in the area of Appleton Wiske is out following yesterdays storm, and they have engineers working to restore power to those properties affected ASAP.

UPDATE @ 2PM 02/07/2015

We understand full power has been restored to the local area as of 1:30PM however this has not restored our service. We are preparing to travel to site, but currently we are over 2 hours away. A further ETA will be posted when we are on the road.

UPDATE @ 3PM 02/07/2015

Nick is now on route to Appleton Wiske, approximate arrival time of 5PM.

UPDATE @ 6PM 02/07/2015

Full service was restored by 6PM this evening after replacing storm damaged equipment, if you are still without service please call 01757 668179 and leave your details and we will get back to you Friday morning.

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