Virgin Issue, Aylesby- 30/06/2015

Our service on the Aylesby network is currently intermittent due to a fault with our Virgin connection. A fault has been raised, we are waiting for further details.


Our connection recovered at approximately 5PM, but the fault with Virgin is still open and as yet we haven’t heard back from them. We will leave this issue open until we have heard back from Virgin regarding the outage.

UPDATE @ 12PM 01/07/2015

The same fault has reoccurred, it seems to be related to the temperature with an overheating street cabinet being the prime suspect. We are chasing Virgin for an update.

UPDATE @ 1PM 02/07/2015

After a visit from a Virgin engineer we believe the issue was an overheating modem (and not the street cabinet as first thought). The engineer has fitted a new device that will hopefully relieve the heat issue.

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