NYnet Maintenance – 11:59pm Tuesday 21/04/15

We have received the following notification from NyNet regarding upgrade work taking place:

This work has been rescheduled to the 21st April due to staff illness.

As part of NYnets ongoing network improvements we are increasing NYnets Internet bandwidth from 1Gig to 3Gig. This new Internet service will be a direct Virgin Media service presented on Resilient (active-standby) 10Gig circuits.

During this maintenance we will be decommissioning the current 1Gig Internet service and taking live the new 10Gig service. To insure we have a full back out plan and contingency’s these two service are presented as total separate delivery’s.

During this maintenance window there will be limited or no Internet access.

The timing of this is critical as we are dealing with multiple departments within Virgin Media. Due to the nature of the 3rd party involvement there is an element of risk that this migration will not go as smoothly as hopped.

We will send a update once this migration  is complete or if we have to back out.

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