Email Server Upgrade – 22/03/2015

We will be upgrading our email server with both new hardware and the latest version of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite on Sunday 22nd March 2015. This involves quite a bit of work, and unfortunately our email service will be unavailable while the work takes place.

Our email service will be offline from 4AM on the 22/03/2015 for approximately 18 hours, although the process may take longer depending on the time taken for the restore to finish.

This work will only affect customers with a email address that uses the server “”, and internet access will not be affected.

A detailed plan of works for the day will be posted here over the coming week.

PROGRESS @ 12:30 AM 23/03/2015

The upgrade has been completed successfully, and full email service has been restored! A full report will be sent via email later today.


4AM – Our current Zimbra server will be taken offline, and a full backup taken. After which the server will be shut down.

7:30AM – The above backup file will be transferred to an intermediary server and restored.

11AM – The Zimbra Migration Tool will be installed on the intermediary server, and a full export job run. This will capture all mail items including personal settings, filters etc. and output them to a single file ready to be transferred to the new server. The export process may take a number of hours to complete, this may have a knock on effect to the rest of the timings.

03:30PM – The export file will be transferred to our new HP Server, and imported. This is the longest process of the migration, and will take a considerable amount of time. The import runs as two jobs, firstly creating all the email accounts and secondly then restoring all mail items to each account in turn. It’s possible we can restore access to the new server after the first part of the import process has completed, but we will make a decision based on how well work is progressing.

We aim to have a full mail service restored by 11PM 22/03/2015.

What if things go wrong?

The reason we are using an intermediary server is so we can leave our original server intact, if the migration fails we can reboot the original server and restore a full service and then assess the situation.

Will mail be lost?

All existing mail will be transferred, any mail sent while our email service is unavailable will be queued for delivery once our mail server is back online.


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