Power Outage, Selby – 12/11/2014

We have been notified by Northern Power Grid that power to our servers located at Selby will be interrupted at some point on Wednesday the 12th November between 9AM and 4PM for maintenance work. This means that the following services will be unavailable while power is off:

  • The CLANNET website, including the support centre.
  • All email services provided by mailgate.clannet.co.uk.

This status website (http://status.clannet.co.uk) will remain available throughout, and internet access will not be affected by this work. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused, we will endeavour to keep things online for as long as possible only shutting down once our batteries are exhausted. We will get things back to normal ASAP once power is restored.

Full service was restored by 04:15PM.


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