Service Issue, VOM – 14/07/2014

The NyNet fibre connection that feeds the Vale of Mowbray network failed at 9:40PM. We have migrated users to our backup connection, but speeds will be significantly reduced. Customers with static public IP address will currently be without service.

We are waiting on an update from NyNet as to the cause of this outage.


NyNet have confirmed that this is scheduled maintenance work that has been started ahead of schedule. They expect the fibre connection to drop twice more this evening, so we have left our backup connection in place and will review in the morning. Customers with static public IP addresses have been migrated back to the NyNet connection. They will currently have service, but should expect further disruption.

UPDATE from NyNet

“The 9pm unplanned outage was due to a damaged BT  fibre cable, we were working on the service for North Yorkshire Police when this damaged cable was spotted, at the time we believed that this was not a customer cable. When it was realized that the cable was to the school link (and on to yourself) we had moved all the hardware so as to replace the damaged cable.  Given that the cable was with the Police service being decommissioned it did not flag as being another customer service, by the point we had realized this you had already spoken to Alistair  and he to us.”

Full service has now been restored.

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