NyNet Service Issue

Unfortunately NyNet are currently experiencing an overloading of their networks, which is resulting in poor/inconsistent speeds and occasional packet loss. This has been an ongoing issue for a number of weeks, but NyNet are working with their supplier to increase capacity. In the mean time, speeds may not be as good as you would expect, particularly during peak hours, for which we apologise.

Once we have a plan of works from NyNet on how they will address this issue, we will publish it here.

This is affecting the following networks:

  • Biggin Broadband
  • Nun & Moor Monkton
  • Vale of Mowbray


NyNet have now migrated to a new internet service at their Leeds data centre, which means they now have a dedicated link to the internet specifically for NyNet traffic. This work was completed during the early hours of Wednesday 29th January, and performance is currently under review.

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