Service Outage, VOM – 03/10/2013

NyNet are currently experiencing an outage on their networks affecting our fibre connection in to South Otterington school. They are working on the issue, and we will update this message as soon as we have further information. We apologise on NyNets behalf for this interruption.


This issue was caused by a large scale power outage affecting Northallerton. Unfortunately the backup power system at the exchange failed, which is why our service was affected. We are expecting a full report from NyNet in the next few days. Once again we apologise for the interruption to service.

We activated a backup connection which restored service to the vast majority of our customers by 5:50PM, however during this process some users may have received a message saying their subscription had expired. This message was shown in error as we worked behind the scenes to restore service, our apologies for any concern this may have caused.

Normal service was resumed by 6:45PM.

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