NyNet Service Failure – 05/08/2012

Nynet are currently experiencing a widespread outage which is affecting most of our networks. We are liaising with Nynet to try and resolve this issue, and will update this message with further information when it becomes available.

UPDATE – 18:30PM

Due to a lightning strike at the NyNet data center in Leeds the following networks are offline:

Vale of Mowbray

Nun & Moor Monkton

Work to restore the data center is underway, but we do not currently have an ETA. We are monitoring the situation closely, and will update this message when further information is made available to us.

UPDATE – 19:30PM

A 3G connection has been established for Nun & Moor Monkton. This should provide a limited service to users, please note speeds will not be to our normal standard. Part of the Nun & Moor Monkton network has suffered a lightning strike, Nick is onsite to asses and repair the damage.

UPDATE – 06/08/2012 @ 08:25AM

We received notification from NyNet at 8:20 this morning that service has been fully restored over night. We have identified some further network damage that needs to be repaired which Nick will be attending to today.  The current network status is:

ABB Ltd – No issues.

Aylesby CBN – No issues.

Biggin Broadband – Currently running on ADSL, we will be migrating back to NyNet later today.

Nun & Moor Monkton CBN – Running on NyNet, but damage at Red House and Moor Monkton needs repair. Some client devices may need a reboot.

Vale of Mowbray – No issues, although some client devices may need a reboot.

UPDATE – 06/08/2012 @ 12:00PM

Biggin Broadband was migrated back to its fibre connection by 10AM this morning and is now operating as normal. Work to restore full connectivity in Nun & Moor Monkton continues. Nick is currently carrying out repairs and replacing damaged equipment. A further loss of power to the Vale of Mowbray caused issues this afternoon which have now cleared.

UPDATE – 06/08/2012 @ 10:00PM

Following Sundays lightning storm, we believe that all damaged infrastructure has now been either repaired or replaced. If you don’t currently have a connection, please reboot your external radio and all internal equipment. If this doesn’t restore your service, please call and leave a message on our support line (01757 668179) and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Please bear with us, as we work our way through all reported faults.

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