Service Outage, Nun & Moor Monkton – 16/05/2012

Due to a loss of power at Nun Monkton School our service is currently unavailable.  Power failed at 5:23AM. We apologise for the interruption, and will ensure service is restored promptly. A UPS has been sourced for the network equipment at the school and will be installed ASAP.


9:30 AM – Power restored at the school this morning but the NyNet connection didn’t recover. Due to exams taking place at the school, it’s not possible for us and/or NyNet to gain access until midday.

12:00 PM – We apologise once again for this service interruption, which unfortunately is outside our control. The fault has been traced to the BT fibre, which BT are now investigating. Unfortunately we have no further information, or an ETA on a fix.

2:00 PM – We have connected a temporary feed which will supply the majority of our customers. Customers unable to use this temporary feed are those with static IP addresses.


BT are due onsite to repair the fibre connection today, but as exams are also taking place today at the school access will be restricted. We will post further details as and when we receive them.

04:30 PM

BT have rectified the fault, we are now switching back to our fibre connection. If you have trouble connecting, please reboot your router.

05:30 PM

Full service has now been restored, we apologise for this interruption and will be working closely with the village broadband committee  to ensure we learn from this incident.

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