Downtime, Various Services, 05/11/2011

To improve our services and reliability we will be installing a new router at our Selby location on Saturday the 5th November 2011. This new industry standard router will allow us to implement a fail over system for some of our core services, so failures (mainly caused by power cuts) at key network locations don’t impact on others.

Unfortunately due to the nature of this work, there will be periods where the servers located at Selby will be unavailable while we reconfigure our network. Hopefully services should only be unavailable for short periods at a time. This work is planned to take place from 1PM onwards, and could take a couple of hours as we take the opportunity to tidy up some of our cabling that has grown ad-hoc over the years.

The following services will be affected:
* All email accounts provided by mailgate.
* Access to the CLANNET website (, and any hosted websites.
* Our phone line and support ticket system.

Internet access will not be affected.



* Cable works now complete. Router install next!

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