Mailgate Downtime – 17/07/2011

We are pleased to announce that CLANNET is planning an upgrade of its Zimbra email system to the latest and greatest version. This will bring lots of new features, and improve our compatibility with Apple MAC devices plus a wider range of web browsers such as Apple Safari and Google Chrome. As part of this upgrade, we are also moving our service to a purpose bought HP server to provide space for future growth and expansion.

This work is planned to take place out of core business hours on Sunday 17th July from 6PM – 11PM. During this time there will be no access to any service provided by mailgate. This work will only affect email traffic; normal web browsing will not be affected. For users who use our smtp service only for relaying email, our relay service will also not be affected by this work. During this downtime period, any email sent to your account will be queued by our backup systems for delivery once the upgrade is complete. No email will be lost during this time, and all existing Zimbra content will be transferred to the new server.

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